About Us


Hello! We are Kevin & Bonnie Denecke, Certified Personal Trainers, Owners and Operators of DENFIT. Drawing from over 20 years of fitness experience, we utilize multiple training modalities to personalize each client’s workout program, ensuring that each session is dynamic and fresh.

We moved to the Thousand Islands nine years ago with our two children and saw that the area was underserved for individuals seeking to improve their fitness and health. Our vision for DENFIT was to provide a safe, fully-equipped, private setting for instruction and care to people wanting one-on-one or small group training.

DENFIT caters to all levels of fitness with the philosophy of: One size DOES NOT fit all. There’s no need to worry about “being in shape to get in shape!” The DENFIT studio is fully furnished to deliver a variety of stylized workouts that make exercise fun, engaging and comfortable.