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    I have been training with Bonnie for over 4 months and I LOVE it! She is an amazing person who helps you feel comfortable and safe with the equipment and activities. At the beginning of my training, she asked many questions about what I was hoping to gain and the results I wanted to see. As time went on, I have felt like she has really listened to me about my goals and wants. It is evident that she took those goals and created a training routine to help me achieve them!

    Bonnie does a great job with explaining new exercises and activities. She is constantly watching, to make sure that I am safely doing the activities correctly and will gently remind me when I fall out of form and breathing patterns. We always joke about how she is there to remind me to breath! I am so comfortable with her and know that she is there to help and push me. However, when there are days that you can’t push yourself too hard, she will work with you and change up the routine she had created for you. This way, she ensures that you are still working towards your goals, but are working with what you bring that day!

    She is the best. You won’t regret a single day working with her!

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    After my first hip replacement last year at 36, I needed to rebuild the mobility and strength I lost due to pain for so long. I started working with Kevin and have come so far in a short time! He's now helping me get ready for my second hip replacement this fall. I feel stronger than I have in years and it's great to have someone who knows how to keep me safe while still working towards my goals.

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    I decided to start working with Kevin to help me prepare for a career in law enforcement and as someone who has struggled with a back injury I knew it would not be an easy road. Kevin was more than willing to work within my limits and show me new and different ways to make improvements while staying safe. Kevin is actually the one who suggested the exercise that would help my back injury heal the most. He is very knowledgeable in this field and I trust and believe what he says.

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    Finally got to try tire flipping! Thank you DenFit for your training sessions this summer. It’s helped me to push myself and improve my strength during my off-season.

    DenFit offers great personal training sessions for all ages, helping to improve all aspects of your fitness. Highly recommend, thanks again DenFit!